Give the child a choice
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Two years old is a headache for my parents. He just said he wanted to eat an apple. When you cut it for him, he said, "no!"! Don't!" When it was time for bed, he stared at his bewildered eyes and said, "no! Don't!" At this time, the child's self-consciousness began to sprout. Like to use "no"! Don't!" To make one's voice, to emphasize the presence of my being. So many mothers said, two years old is a sensitive period of "naysayers", is really very image.

Two year old Ning in this special period, every day and her mother. Get up, refused to wear clothes; breakfast, refused to eat egg; mother and son managed to finish, to go to the park, my mother said on a coat, she said no, mother fire: "don't go out without wearing!" She cried, not the red one, my mother patiently, for a blue, Ning said to wear the yellow one yesterday, my mother was going mad, caught a glimpse of the coat in the dirty clothes basket didn't wash it a pull over to the Ning wear it so the big bad temper, small tears, the mother and son out of order out of the door. When a two year old child is born, such a parent-child conflict happens at any time, and no wonder that two years old will be defined as "Terrible Two"".

Is there no way to get along well with a two year old child? Of course not.

Before we find a way, let's first understand the underlying needs of the child's behavior. Behind the two children and adults "naysayers" is the expression of self demand, rather than for adults. In this case, parents need to meet the needs of the child's self-development, and parent-child communication will become smoother.

Take Ning Ning as an example. When you wake up, if your mother says, "Ning, good morning."! Do you want to dress yourself or do you want your mother to help you?" Ning will probably not insist on not wearing clothes; at breakfast, if mom says, "would you rather have boiled or poached eggs?"" Ning chose most of them, unless he really didn't want to eat eggs. Finally, when he went out, if he had two coats, he asked, "Ning, going to the park, which coat do you want to wear?"" Ning will most likely choose one of them cheerfully.

Here, mom and dad will look out, a seemingly simple things, as long as the mother huadianxinsi, you can choose to create opportunities for children, the children make their own choices at the same time, the heart that would satisfy the demand of self expression. Of course, children's challenges to their parents will not stay with boiled eggs or coats, but they will present us with bigger and more new challenges every step of the way.

In the face of great challenges, we can all find ways to cope with them. The key to finding a good way is whether the parents understand the inner needs of their children and whether they really respect and satisfy their inner development needs. Two years old is only the beginning of the challenge. Following the child's growth is a challenge that every parent should be willing to accept.

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