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Mom, watch out! Don't cut your baby's nails like this

Error 1: cut the sides of the nail into arcs
Some treasure mother baby nails, the nails on both sides of the corner cut too deep, so it will be easy to make the nail embedded in soft tissue grows, become onychocryptosis, damage the skin around the nail, causing purulent infection, cause inflammation or other paronychia.

Error 2: by hand burns
See the baby's hand burns, will hand out, but so easy to hurt the skin surrounding tissue.
The right way: mom should use nail scissors cut the root burns, in order to prevent agnail frequently, to give the baby hand painted some without stimulation, oil hand cream in the dry season.

Error 3: pick the dirt in your nails
Usually, mother sees dirt in her baby's nails and picks out the dirt with hard objects, but in fact it hurts the baby.
The correct method: after the nail is cut, clean with water, so that the outflow of dirt.

Error 4: nail scissors too deep
Some mother afraid baby nail was used to shelter evil people and countenance evil practices of the baby, the nail is cut very short. But this will make the baby's nails around the skin lose protection, so that the baby has a tingling feeling.

The correct method: baby nail length and the tip of the hand flat, not too short.
Later on, don't cut your baby's nails in these ways!

Correct steps for cutting fingernails

First of all, the baby lying flat on the bed, or hold in your arms, backed by yourself, is a good choice. The best mommy and baby are in the same direction. It's easier to cut with the same angle. It won't hurt the baby because it's too deep.

Second, in the construction process, it is better to grab one finger, cut it, cut it, and then cut the other finger. When the baby to avoid shaking and rocking, because all the fingers grabbed, hurt the other fingers.

Third, regardless of adults and children, after cutting the nails, we must pay attention to rounding work. Avoid sharp corners to scratch yourself or other people's "weapon", it is best to use nail files, sharp edges and corners, and gently polished.

Fourth, cut first and then cut the sides. To avoid the nail straight, both ends cut too deep too long, leaving hidden dangers as onychocryptosis.

Finally, happy mother would like to say that this thing though not as nails feeding, changing diapers, coax baby happy, children play so compelling, bother to bother, but must pay enough attention, otherwise it will bring trouble to the baby happy.

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